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Safe Zone Minutes Notebook

A log kept by the Safe Zone secretary in Spring 2013 during Safe Zone meetings. It has the notes from the general member meetings and the executive board meetings.

Trained Advocate Resource Manual Spring 2013 .pdf

Safe Zone Trained Advocate Resource Manual: Spring 2013

A manual given to Safe Zone Trained people spelling out their responsibilities and rights. Its main resource is a list of common LGBT language. 8 pages


Flyer for Elizabeth L. Wollman Lecture

Flyer for April 17, 2013 lecture by Elizabeth L. Wollman entitled "Stonewall, the Women's Movement, and the Origins of the 1970s 'Adult' Musical."


M. Jacqui Alexander Workshop

Flyer for M. Jacqui Alexander October 10, 2013 workshop "Building Community, Practicing Solidarity."


M. Jacqui Alexander Lecture

Flyer for M. Jacqui Alexander October 9, 2013 lecture "On Border Crossings, Feminism, Transnationalism and You."


Spectrum Spring 2013

Flyer for Spectrum informational meeting for Spring 2013 semester.


Sex Discussed Here

Sex Discussed Here! Marshall Miller and KaeLyn Rich teach sex education unlike any you've had before. Sponsored by the Office of Alcohol, Drug, and Health Education; the Center for Women and Gender Action; and CSMART.


Recognition of Provost Brad Bateman, 2007-2013

Recognition of Provost Brad Bateman, 2007-2013. Queer Studies: Come Out & Discover the Vibrancy.


Equality on the Line: Local Food Culture and a Story of Bystander Intervention

Equality on the Line: Local Food Culture and a Story of Bystander Intervention, held on January 23, 2013 as part of the 2012-2013 Food and Culture Colloquium. Speakers are Joel Diaz (Chief Development Officer, AIDS Resource Center Ohio), Mikey…


Queer Studies Classes 2002-2014

Schedule of courses offered in Queer Studies for 2002 through 2014.


Queer Studies Concentration: Self-Study Fall 2008-Spring 2014

Queer Studies Concentration: Self-Study Fall 2008-Spring 2014; prepared March 30, 2014 by the Queer Studies Concentration Committee.


Queer Studies Concentration Timeline

This is a timeline of events regarding the Queer Studies Concentration from 2008 to 2014.


Queer Studies Four Year Schedule 2009-2014

Listed of classes in Queer Studies or cross-listed with Queer Studies from 2009-Spring 2014.


Logo for Coming Out Tshirt

Logo (unknown designer) for Queer Studies Coming Out T-shirt for 2013. Reads "Queer Studies at Denison University. Come Out & Discover the Vibrancy."


Camp Denison 2013

Camp Denison: Three Days in May. Agenda for May 14 - May 16. Includes a session by Dr. Robin Bartlett, "QS 101 for 'Straight People'."