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2017 Poster genital monologues.png

Genital Monologues Poster

A poster advertising the Genital Monologues, Denison's own version of the Vagina Monologues. This is a student produced, written, acted, and directed performance piece that it made up of short pieces depicting and exploring the sexual and gender…

Will and Grace Split up-.pdf

Will and Grace Split Up?

A poster advertising a viewing party of the season premier of Will and Grace.

we'll have you seeing red .pdf

We'll Have You Seeing Red

A poster advertising the annual Red Party.



A movie poster that has an outlook stamp on it appearing to advertise a screening of the movie Threesome somewhere on campus.

Red 2000.pdf

Red 2000

A poster advertising the Red party in 2000.

rainbow cabaret .pdf

Rainbow Cabaret: Open Mic

A poster advertising an open mic night in the Bandersnatch.

party ; band relish .pdf

Coming Out Week Wrap up Concert

A flyer advertising a party in Lamson Lodge to celebrate the end of coming out week.

outlook 1994.pdf

Outlook 1994

A poster advertising outlook from 1994

matthew shepard vigil.pdf

Matthew Shepard Vigil

A flyer for the 2000 Matthew Shepard vigil

let it end here .pdf

Let it End Here

A flyer inviting people to a candle lit vigil for Mathew Shepard by the flagpole.

first baptist pastor .pdf

First Baptist Pastor

A poster showing the day that a pastor is coming to campus to talk about the LGBT community in regards to religion.

coming soon.pdf

Coming Soon

A poster advertising live homosexual acts.

coming out rally .pdf

Coming Out Rally Poster

A poster from Outlook advertising a coming out rally.

2000 rally.pdf

Rally 2000 Poster

A 2000 flyer for an LGBT rally on Denisons campus.


Flyer for Elizabeth L. Wollman Lecture

Flyer for April 17, 2013 lecture by Elizabeth L. Wollman entitled "Stonewall, the Women's Movement, and the Origins of the 1970s 'Adult' Musical."