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Queer Studies Poster for Fall 2011 Courses

Queer Studies flyer advertising Fall 2011 course offerings.


Queer Studies Concentration Timeline

This is a timeline of events regarding the Queer Studies Concentration from 2008 to 2014.


Courses and Faculty for Self-Study Report

This document includes the Queer Studies Committee, the Internal Review Committee, Permanently Cross-listed Courses, and Permanently Cross-listed Special Topics Courses.


Queer Studies Four Year Schedule 2009-2014

Listed of classes in Queer Studies or cross-listed with Queer Studies from 2009-Spring 2014.


Interdisciplinary Programs Brief

A one-page brief about Denison's Interdisciplinary Programs, written by the Chairs of the Interdisciplinary Programs.


Queer Studies Concentration

Overview of the Queer Studies Concentration curriculum including requirements, core courses, electives, and cross-listed special topics courses.


Ochs Spectrum Exercise

This is a short version of an exercise designed by Robyn Ochs (www.robynochs.com) drawing from the work of Kinsey, Klein and others. Possibly distributed to Dr. Robin Bartlett's QS 101 classes.


Permanent Cross-Listed Queer Studies Course Numbers

Listing of permanent cross-listed Queer Studies courses, dated April 24, 2011.

QSAACSchedule22211 Sheet1.pdf

Proposed Renumbering and Numbering of Courses for Queer Studies Concentration

Proposed renumbering and numbering of courses for the Queer Studies Concentration, prepared by Dr. Robin Bartlett on February 22, 2011.