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Trainee Manual 09-10.pdf

Trainee's Manual 2009-2010: Safe Zone

A manual used to train outlook members to make Denison a Safe Space and more inclusive community for everyone regardless of sexuality, gender identity, and romantic affiliations. 13 pages


Queer Studies Classes 2002-2014

Schedule of courses offered in Queer Studies for 2002 through 2014.


Queer Studies Concentration: Self-Study Fall 2008-Spring 2014

Queer Studies Concentration: Self-Study Fall 2008-Spring 2014; prepared March 30, 2014 by the Queer Studies Concentration Committee.


Queer Studies Concentration Timeline

This is a timeline of events regarding the Queer Studies Concentration from 2008 to 2014.


Queer Studies Four Year Schedule 2009-2014

Listed of classes in Queer Studies or cross-listed with Queer Studies from 2009-Spring 2014.