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Resource Manual 2011-2012 (1).pdf

Safe Zone Resource Manual 2011-2012

A manual used to train outlook members to make Denison a Safe Space and more inclusive community for everyone regardless of sexuality, gender identity, and romantic affiliations. 14 pages


Queer Night Fall 2011 Schedule

Schedule for Fall 2011 Queer Night screenings.


Jackson Katz Invitation

Invitation for a conversation and dinner with Jackson Katz on December 1, 2011.


Jim Winters Lecture

Press release for October 11, 2011 lecture "From There to Here."


Patrick Cheng Lecture

Flyer for Reverend Dr. Patrick Cheng October 5, 2011 lecture "Radical Love: Why Christianity is a Queer Religion."


Curtis Chin Lecture

Flyer for Curtis Chin March 8, 2011 lectures "Marriage Equality" and "Vincent Who?"


I, Too, Sing America!

I, Too, Sing America! A Denison University theatrical presentation to be written and performed by Denison Students. The production and play development workshop will be directed and supervised by Visiting Artist, Dale Ricardo Shields.


Biography of Deirdre McCloskey

Biography of Deirdre McCloskey.


Deirdre McCloskey Schedule

Schedule for Deirdre McCloskey's visit March 3 - 5, 2011.


Deirdre McCloskey

Flyer for lecture by Deirdre McCloskey, Distinguished Professor of Economics, English, and Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Lecture entitled Bourgeois Dignity, held March 4, 2011 and presented by the Economics Department,…


Deirdre McCloskey Book and Lecture

Press Release for Deirdre McCloskey's visit to campus in 2011.


Let's Talk

Let's Talk: A Four-Part Conversation Series: About Women's Studies, About SEX, About Feminism, About Identity. Sponsored by the Center for Women & Gender Action and the Women's Studies Program.


Denison McMahon Internship Stipends, 2011

Listing of Denison's McMahon Internship Stipends for 2011 including Alrutz Intenrship, Rodale Institute; Cephus L. Stephens Summer Internship in Public Affairs; Michele Myers Internship in the Fine Arts; Douglas Romaniak Internship; Lem Tucker…


Queer Studies Poster for Fall 2011 Courses

Queer Studies flyer advertising Fall 2011 course offerings.


Queer Studies Concentration: Self-Study Fall 2008-Spring 2014

Queer Studies Concentration: Self-Study Fall 2008-Spring 2014; prepared March 30, 2014 by the Queer Studies Concentration Committee.