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Tom of Finland

A zine about a man named Tom Laaksonen who created pornographic drawings of men having sex. He became famous in the 1970's.



A zine containing a poem regarding sexuality and its variance.

I See You Shiver With Antici.......pdf

Rocky Horror at Denison

A zine about the Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast that is put on at Denison.



An abstract zine about the poet Allen Ginsberg

Disgust and Sexiness.pdf

Disgust and Sexiness

A zine regarding sexual practices some would call disgusting and the way society demonizes non-normative sexual practices.

dear catherine opie .pdf

Dear Catherine Opie

A zine regarding the performance art of Catherine Opie, and ode to our dreams written across our backs in scars.

A Queer, Jewish, Post Election Zine .pdf

A Queer, Jewish, Post-Election Zine

The 2017 culture surrounding Jewish and Queer culture and identity after the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


Interdisciplinary Programs Brief

A one-page brief about Denison's Interdisciplinary Programs, written by the Chairs of the Interdisciplinary Programs.


Disciplinary Appointments Linked to Interdisciplinary Participation: A Spectrum of Opportunities

Drafted by the Chairs of the Interdisciplinary Programs. The introduction reads: "When disciplinary faculty participate in interdisciplinary programs, a variety of issues arise, ranging from fairly simple issues of individual recognition to moreā€¦