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Will and Grace Split up-.pdf

Will and Grace Split Up?

A poster advertising a viewing party of the season premier of Will and Grace.

we'll have you seeing red .pdf

We'll Have You Seeing Red

A poster advertising the annual Red Party.



A movie poster that has an outlook stamp on it appearing to advertise a screening of the movie Threesome somewhere on campus.

rainbow cabaret .pdf

Rainbow Cabaret: Open Mic

A poster advertising an open mic night in the Bandersnatch.

party ; band relish .pdf

Coming Out Week Wrap up Concert

A flyer advertising a party in Lamson Lodge to celebrate the end of coming out week.

first baptist pastor .pdf

First Baptist Pastor

A poster showing the day that a pastor is coming to campus to talk about the LGBT community in regards to religion.

coming soon.pdf

Coming Soon

A poster advertising live homosexual acts.

coming out rally .pdf

Coming Out Rally Poster

A poster from Outlook advertising a coming out rally.