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Allison Armbrister.pdf

Allison Armbrister Interview

The interview of Allison Armbrister, conducted by Sheilah Wilson in the summer of 2015.


Robin Bartlett Interview

An interview of Robin Bartlett by Sheilah Wilson conducted in the summer of 2015.


Lisbeth Lipari Interview

An interview with Lisbeth Lipari done by Sheilah Wilson.

Queer Night Fall 2016 .pdf

Queer Night Fall 2016

Queer Studies 238: Queer Night Fall 2016 course outline. The instructors were Ron Abram and Bill Kirkpatrick; there is a course summary and a grading outline for the course.

CFPQueering Canons.pdf

Call for Papers - Queering Canons

Call for paper for Queering Canons. Queer Canons will collect essays from queer scholars on faculty at Denison.


Queering Liberal Arts II

Queering Liberal Arts II: A Mellon-funded Conference at Vassar College, June 6-9, 2012.


Perry County Democratic Forum: Same-Sex Couples

Perry County Democratic Forum agenda for May 9, 2012. Dr. Robin Bartlett facilitated a discussion on Same Sex Couples.


Queering the Curriculum

Workshop proposal for Queering the Curriculum: A Proposal for Re-Envisioning the Liberal Arts Curriculum. Participants from Denison University include Ron Abram, Robin L. Bartlett, and Sheilah Wilson.


Queering Economics

Paper presented at the CSWEP Session in Honor of Marianna A. Feber, Midwest Economic Association Annual Meetings, St. Louis, Missouri, March 19, 2011.


Expanding the Circle Report

Dr. Robin Bartlett's report from Expanding the Circle: Creating an Inclusive Environment in Higher Education for LGBTQ Students and Studies, a workshop and conference held at the California Institute of Integral Studies, February 25-28, 2010, in San…