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Academic Affairs Council Queer Studies Criteria

Academic Affairs Council departmental guidelines and goals for the Queer Studies Concentration.


Academic Affairs Council Queer Studies Program, April 18, 2000

April 18, 2000 meeting minutes of the Academic Affairs Council review of the Queer Studies Program with requests for revisions to the proposal.

Alena Lassen.pdf

FYRE Application: Alena Lassen

An application to the outlook FYRE program filled out and submitted by Alena Lassen.


Open Door Policy

Spring 2013 Denison Magazine article about the history of LGBTQ issues on campus. Abstract: "It was the activism of a small group of faculty and students that helped bring gay life at Denison out of the closet."


Introduction to Queer Studies, Nekola

Syllabus for Dr. Anna Nekola's Fall 2011 course QS 101 Introduction to Queer Studies.


Queer Theory, Nekola

Syllabus for Dr. Anna Nekola's Spring 2012 course QS 201 Queer Theory.


Queer Theory, Nekola

Syllabus for Dr. Anna Nekola's Spring 2013 course QS 201 Queer Theory.


Sexual Tension: The Effect of Sexuality on Tenure Decisions in the Academy

Student essay from School's Out: A Collection of Essays by "Gay and Lesbian Issues in U.S. Education," Fall 2008 Class at Denison University. Edited by Karen Graves.


Possible New Interdisciplinary Program

April 14, 1999 email from Anne Shaver, Department of English, inviting all faculty, staff, and selected students to discuss the idea of launching a Queer Studies Program.


Anne Shaver, 2011 Recollection about Queer Studies Concentration

In April 2011, Anne Shaver wrote a document entitled "What I can Remember about the Beginnings of Our Queer Studies Concentration."


Proposal to Establish A Concentration in Queer Studies

Queer Studies Concentration proposal draft.


Request for Consideration by Governance Councils

"Request for Consideration by Governance Councils" form attached with final Queer Studies proposal. Approved 5/2/2000.


Queer timeline of University of Florida and Denison University through school newspapers

Historical Recreation of the Florida Independent Alligator and The Denisonian Newspaper Articles in a Timeline Format highlighting ability for students to use it as a platform for expressing queer identity.


Undisclosed Queer Student 1970's

Archival Material (Newspapers; Objects; Images) From Denison in the 1970s describing the experience of a queer student.