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Coming Out Week

Coming Out Week flyer from Outlook.


Kate Bornstein Lecture

Flyer for Kate Bornstein February 28, 2012 performance "Sex, Bullies, and You" and March 1, 2012 workshop "Hello Cruel World."


Queer Night Final Paper, Washington-Zeigler Fall 2012

Maya Washington-Zeigler's (Class of 2015) final paper for Queer Night, Fall 2012.


Queer Studies at Denison: Student Perspectives

Video entitled Queer Studies at Denison: Students' Perspectives. Created in Dr. Robin L. Bartlett's Spring 2012 QS 401 Queer Studies Senior Seminar course.


Perry County Democratic Forum: Same-Sex Couples

Perry County Democratic Forum agenda for May 9, 2012. Dr. Robin Bartlett facilitated a discussion on Same Sex Couples.


Queering Liberal Arts II

Queering Liberal Arts II: A Mellon-funded Conference at Vassar College, June 6-9, 2012.

CFPQueering Canons.pdf

Call for Papers - Queering Canons

Call for paper for Queering Canons. Queer Canons will collect essays from queer scholars on faculty at Denison.


Queer Theory, Nekola

Syllabus for Dr. Anna Nekola's Spring 2012 course QS 201 Queer Theory.


Introduction to Queer Studies, Bartlett

Syllabus for Dr. Robin L. Bartlett's Spring 2012 course QS 101 Introduction to Queer Studies.


Introduction to Queer Studies, Wilson

Syllabus for Professor Sheilah Wilson's Fall 2012 course QS 101 Introduction to Queer Studies.


Introduction to Queer Studies, Browning

Syllabus for Professor Marlaine Browning's Fall 2012 cross-listed course FYS 102 Introduction to Queer Studies.


Introduction to Queer Studies, Tromp

Syllabus for Dr. Marlene Tromp's Fall 2010 course QS 101 Introduction to Queer Studies.


Lesbian and Gay Issues in Education

Syllabus for Dr. Karen Graves' Fall 2012 cross-listed course EDUC 330 Lesbian and Gay Issues in Education.


Queer Night Syllabus, Fall 2012

Syllabus for Dr. Robin L. Bartlett's Fall 2012 course QS 268 Queer Night.


Letter of Invite to Faculty to be on the Queer Studies Concentration Committee

February 3, 2012 letter from Robin Bartlett to faculty asking for Queer Studies Concentration Committee participants.